Ghana Obuasi and Tarkwa Mining/Industries shows May 2022

Hello Gretchen,

On behalf of Invincible Valves .

My name is Francois Wessels , I had the privilege of my first show with Gretchen Stols in Ghana .

Let me start of by saying that I do all major shows for my company around 27 shows a year .

Gretchen’s show is something I cannot really put into words , most professional I have ever done in my years .

All travel arrangements had the feel of being right at home , she is truly a host of note .

Accomodation was in the best hotels , the best treatment was received from Gretchen’s partners abroad . You could feel the respect for her built up over the past years from her partners.

The quality of clients that we received was five star to say the least , from top management to buyers and hands on personnel at the mines and private companies alike .

I am very honoured to have become one of the companies on her excellent road show , the service and care plus attention to detail blew me away . I will continue doing shows with Gretchen as long as we are given the opportunity to do so , it is indefinitely a road show for me going forward and would not miss it for the world .

I would like to thank Gretchen for her love and wisdom on the trip . I had experienced true professionalism at its highest level , and to be honest i also had allot of fun and met some great fellow companies that had been with her for years and I now know why they prefer Gretchen’s road shows to any others .

I would encourage any Company and individuals who are looking for a marketing winner recipe, to not hesitate a moment to join her high class most professional road show ever.

Kind Regards,
Francois Wessels
Invincible Valves
079 820 5863